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19 Foot Escape Trailer

19 Foot Escape Trailer

This section is dedicated to our preferred mode of camping style, the 19 foot Escape Trailer, made right here in beautiful British Columbia.

We have spent many years dreaming of a trailer for camping, and have just recently purchased our dream trailer this year. For many years we tented all over Vancouver Island. And after many years of setting up tarps, blowing air mattresses and everything else that goes along with Tent camping, we upgraded to a 13 foot Boler trailer. Yes, the Boler is the 1970’s bubble shaped fiberglass RV that you are picturing. The Boler was a great stepping stone for us, teaching us what we definitely wanted and did not want for the future. It was light weight, hassle free body and over-all, a nice well built trailer (2 fibreglass shells, a top and a bottom joined in the middle).

There are many decisions to make when buying an RV:

  • Budget
  • Weight (towing)
  • How many people can it sleep
  • Bathroom and/or shower
  • Fridge, Stove, Heat
  • Awning
  • Frame with Metal/Aluminum Siding or Fibreglass Shell

Depending on the size that you want to get, you may want/prefer a single or tandem axle, electric brakes and an equalizer hitch.

Why we chose the 19 foot Escape trailer:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: We drive a 2nd generation Toyota Tacoma, comes with a 3.4L V6, 5 speed 4×4, so we wanted a lightweight trailer, both for fuel efficiency and to stay well within our towing capacity limits. The approximate dry weight of the 19 foot Escape Trailer 2,510 pounds, and roughly 240 lb tongue weight.
  • DURABILITY: Many of the problems that we encountered during our researched on other, wood model camping trailer models had to do with water damage. This is common problem for trailers with a wood frame, as they eventually leak due to the silicon seal drying, cracking and allowing water to get in and rot the wood inside. This is costly to repair. The two piece fiberglass shell of the Escape is light, waterproof and durable.
  • LAYOUT: The 19 Foot option offered the layout that we desired, which offers a full-size queen bed in the back, a 3 burner stove, refrigerator, lots of storage, toilet and shower, and a dining table that converts to a double size bed in the front of the trailer.
  • STORAGE: The Escape offered many options for storage with an impressive amount of cupboard space inside, all the way around, including a huge amount of storage under the bed.
  • FEATURES: It had many add on features available. We chose to add the exterior propane hookup, the exterior shower, the LED lighting, and bike rack.
  • RESALE VALUE: The Escape seems to have a great resale value.

So far we have made 5 trips with our new home on wheels, and look forward to many more years of memories to come. I can tell you so far, some of our favorite benefits so far are having heat at night, a washroom with a shower, and an impressive battery life thanks to the LED lighting.

We are always looking for ways to pack more efficiently, travel lighter, enjoy more, and make the most of our travel experiences, so we will be keeping you updated on what we find works best. So far, one of our recommendations is to consider looking into an Escape if you are in the market for an RV. We’re very pleased with our investment and the freedom we are enjoying because of it.

Escape Trailer Industries is located in Chilliwack, BC and this in the link to their website to find out more information:


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