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Camping at Gordon Bay Provincial Park, BC

Cowichan Lake, BC

Gordon Bay Provincial Park campsite, Cowichan Lake, BC

Gordon Bay is a an easy 1.5 hour drive from Victoria, mostly along the Trans Canada Highway, and then a left turn midway onto the Cowichan Valley Highway. This is a great campsite to head to if you are trying to get to your site on a Friday after work, and still make the most of the weekend in the great outdoors. It is situated just past Honeymoon Bay on Cowichan Lake. You can’t miss it, since the road ends at the campground.

Although it is not next to the ocean, the lake is large enough that it really cools down the land area around it, so bring your long johns if you are venturing out here for the May long weekend, as you will still find the evenings chilly! You’ll still be alright if you miss packing your wool socks though, as the campground has very nice facilities and is well known for the recently updated public washrooms and showers. Yes ladies, that’s right, hot showers and flush toilets! You can even bring your hairdryer so you don’t scare everyone in the mornings with your Chewbacca like frizzy afro!

There is a clean and well maintained section for swimming off the beach at the campsite. Mostly it seems to be children that I see out swimming, with parents watching. I wouldn’t call it the best suntanning location if that’s what you’re looking for. The swimming area is not monitored by a lifeguard, but there are floating logs in the water to show the clear lines of the swimming area.

The park is beautiful, family friendly, great for walking in the evenings, and is a short drive to civilization. Honeymoon Bay is only 5 minutes down the road and the town of Cowichan Lake is only 20 minutes away. If you are most adventuresome, there are plenty of places to explore near this campground, around Cowichan Lake. If you like to 4×4, the logging roads will take you to see some extraordinary scenery – see the pictures! You’ll see that we took one of our Chevrolet Trackers there (we have owned a few of these great vehicles over the years) and since we love to explore, we strapped on the canoe and took it out to do some fishing at the nearby Mesachie Lake.

I would highly recommend this site for beginner campers and those with small children who may be nervous to head out too far into the woods.The actual sites are a good range of size, from small to large for those with RVs.

Gordon Bay Provincial Park is definitely on our favorite list! Nearby canoeing, great places to hike, outstanding Vancouver Island scenery, close to town, and all the amenities at the campground. This place has it all!



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