Camping on Vancouver Island

Our camping adventures on Vancouver Island!

Chevrolet Tracker pulling a 13ft Boler

Camping in Gordon Bay Provincial Campsite

Chevrolet Tracker can pull a 13ft Boler.

This is a 1998 Chevrolet Tracker with a 1.6 litre (16 valve), 4 cylinder engine with a 5 speed, pulling a 13ft Boler trailer comfortably and safely.

Chevrolet Trackers are amazing little SUVs. They are very reliable, economical, easy to drive and fix (parts are usually readily available), and excellent off-road vehicles. Put a set of BFG A/T tires on this little SUV and its almost unstoppable in mud or snow.

I live in Victoria, so all my camping trips on Vancouver Island involve driving  through Sooke or up the Malahat. When fully loaded (which includes the Boler, 14ft canoe, motor, battery, fishing gear, tools, food, water, wood and clothing) I can comfortably do 100km/hr on the highway, and approximately 50 km/hr going up some bigger hills such as the Malahat.

Since I am only working with a 4 cylinder engine (and fully loaded) I try to keep the Chevrolet Tracker under 3000rpm to reduce stress on the engine and transmission. When driving up bigger hills I keep to the right (when possible) and put my hazards on. It may take a little longer to arrive at my destination, but it ensures a safer trip, a happy Tracker that will bring me and my lady back home!

TIP: When pulling a trailer, avoid filling your water tank as you will reduce the chance of your trailer fishtailing. If possible, wait until arriving at the campsite. Remember that for every 4 litres of water, you add 10 lbs of weight. When your towing vehicle has a max towing capacity of about 1500 lbs, you are very conscience of every item going into the vehicle.

The specs:

1998 Chevy Tracker
4 Cylinder, 1.6L, 16 Valve engine
5 Speed transmission, 4×4

1974 Boler, 13 foot
1100 dry weight, 100 lb tongue weight

14 foot Coleman Canoe (plastic)


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