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Recommended Dog Bed for Camping

Dog camping cot

Dog camping cot

We had the great fortune to come across a camping cot for Snoopy, for the irresistible price of…Free!

We saw this item at a yard sale and after learning that it was a dog cot, we immediately saw how useful it would be. We explained the seller that we had a small dog that would soon be camping with us, and she decided that this was just the item that she would donate to us. Some people are true gems!

We keep this outside when we’re camping, with a comfy blanket on top. It keeps the blanket clean, Snoopy off of the cold ground, and everything dry from the moist ground. It is made with durable canvas, and is great for having Snoopy near the fire with us at night. (not too close though!)

This is a fairly old style cot, but it does the job. Our only complaint is that it is not very light and doesn’t collapse much smaller. I have done some research though, and see that there are some companies selling newer, more lightweight versions.





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