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Shawnigan Lake Bad Ass BASS!

Shawnigan Lake Bass

I’ve always been told that the early bird catches the worm, but on an early morning in September, I caught the worm, then used it to catch this beautiful bass!

We drove to Shawnigan lake before the sunrise, with a thermos of coffee and the canoe strapped to the truck. We were on the water around 6:00 am when I thought I had caught my hook on a log for the second time in a row. I gave a frustrated tug on the line and felt the resistance of a stubborn log, or at least that’s what I thought! As I reeled in the line, I suddenly saw this fish leap out of the water! I was stunned, unable to comprehend this shiny flailing thing on the end of the line, until Hans directed me to bring the darn thing in!

This is my first official catch…ever, and I have to say it was pretty darn cool. It’s true, a fishing story is the most exciting for the person who caught it, but I keep this picture on my desk just so I can relive the tale when the odd person asks me about it.  I never get tired of talking about my ‘bad ass bass!’

Shawnigan Lake, BC

Shawnigan Lake (pop. approximately 8000) is a village on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. This lake is a popular recreation destination with its population doubling during the summer, as the lake and village are summer vacation spots for residents of Victoria. Shawnigan Lake is excellent for lake activities including fishing and boating. The the lucky few who have cabins, a nice get-a-way from busy downtown Victoria.

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