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The Perfect Cup of Coffee

One Cup Coffee Drip

One Cup Coffee Drip

If you are like us, a good cup of coffee is a must have while camping. In fact, the more hot coffee, the better!

We have used many different contraptions over the years, from an old school percolator over the fire, to a French press, and we have settled on the very easy and convenient single cup drip.

Here are the reasons why we like to use this for making coffee while camping:

  • Cleaning coffee grounds from a glass or metal container is messy and uses a lot of precious dish water. With this, simply remove the filter and throw in the fire or garbage. Voila, ready for the next cup.
  • You can make as much or as little as you like, simply boil as much water as you want for coffee. If you are making two cups at a time, simply add more coffee grounds for the next cup poured.
  • I like my coffee ‘medium’ strength, and Hans is more a ‘full’ strength kind of guy. This way we each get the flavour of coffee that we like.
  • The coffee is boiling hot! Which, we all know is very important to have the hottest cup possible on those cold rainy days.
  • The plastic device is very cheap to buy, it is very small and light to store and pack in your camping gear, and the filters are also inexpensive.


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